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For Colour That Lasts… It’s All About the Care

For Colour That Lasts… It’s All About the Care

As salon professionals there is nothing more rewarding the delivering amazing colour services and on point results. At the same time, there is nothing more disappointing than when a client calls or comes back into the salon informing you that their colour did not hold up! 

How do we ensure long-lasting, vibrant and radiant results? It starts in the salon, with us, and is all about education. We need to be recommending appropriate care & style products that are designed for colour protection as well as teach our clients how to use them in between salon visits.

Additionally, for clients that receive a colour correction service, a pastel blonde, or fashion colour, we also want to make sure that if a colour refresher or toner is needed between visits, it is discussed during the consultation prior to the service and pre-booked before they leave.

We know recommending and selling retail or additional services can make even the most confident of us a little squeamish so try bundling. When setting your pricing for a colour service, build in the price of an appropriate shampoo, conditioner, treatment & your must have styler. At the end of the service, present the client with their “complimentary” or “inclusive” care regime, and rebook next visit and service.

Here are a few other dos and don’ts to ensure ultimate colour protection:


  • Recommend colour protecting care & style products. All Aloxxi Care & Style feature ColourCare Complex to do just that
  • Do perform a thorough consultation to determine the client’s needs, wishes, commitment & beauty budget 
  • Be the expert and recommend appropriate products based on hair texture and type, condition & colour services.
  • Do educate your clients on their care regime as well as frequency of salon visits necessary.
  • Do explain the importance of avoiding the use of extreme heat (both water and heat styling tools, such as blow dryers, flat irons etc), especially if the hair is fine, weak and/or porous. 


  • Don’t assume your client knows how to protect their colour or let them take matters into their own hands.  They need your expertise and guidance!
  • Don’t forget to recommend colour enhancing products such as INSTABOOST Colour Conditioning Shampoo & Masques and/or Violet Shampoo! There is “too much of a good thing”.
  • Don’t let your client dictate the frequency of salon visits, especially for high lift, double processed blondes or strong fashion tones. Allowing for too long between salon visits will results in a colour correction service.  Make sure the client knows the consequences of improper maintenance.
  • Don’t be afraid to charge appropriately for your services. Always take into consideration your time, as well as the amount of product needed based on desired results, hair length and density! 

Remember preserving their colour is preserving your relationship with that client - - and we want both to be long-lasting!

Happy Colouring,
Your Aloxxi® Team!