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Created for passionate hair enthusiasts Aloxxi® delivers
Exceptional products that extend confidence with predictable, long-lasting results,
leaving hair healthier,
shinier and more colourful!


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Instantly refresh your fashion colour, natural tone or previously colored hair in just 5 minutes! Each shade of Instaboost features CDP Complex® to ensure your formulations deliver complete coverage, moisturizing conditioners and brilliant shine into every strand!

Wow I never used a product like this before and I am so happy I ordered this... I love how this makes my hair soft and feel healthy after washing my hair. The red definitely helps to get a touch up, definitely recommend for all red heads!


I got this to refreshen the color. My color wasn’t fading to much but just wanted to upkeep with it. I used it once and I noticed a difference my hair was more vibrant! It left my hair soft and shiny.


My natural red hair has faded over the past few years, and it's gotten dryer and more frizzy, especially at the ends. It seemed to have lost its sheen. This Aloxxi conditioner has made it feel soft and more hydrated, and the color enhancement is amazing. My hair is shiny again.



Brunette is the Go-To Shade of 2024

Brunette is the Go-To Shade of 2024

Want to switch up your style without sacrificing length or adding layers? Hair colour continues to be the best way to refresh your look this season and express your personal...

What To Look for In A Permanent Hair Colour

What To Look for In A Permanent Hair Colour

As clients, you are more aware than ever of the colour you’re choosing and what’s in the tube. In an effort to create long-lasting colour alongside healthy hair results, Aloxxi developed Luminexx™ — here’s...