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Repairing Summer Hair Damage: Essential Tips to Restore and Revitalize Your Strands

Repairing Summer Hair Damage: Essential Tips to Restore and Revitalize Your Strands

With each season comes a new set of rules to take care of your hair. When it comes to summertime, the biggest culprits for damage are the sun, sea, pool and the heat. And if you have chemically treated (coloured, permed or chemically straightened) hair, the impact is intensified. To ensure a season full of effortless style, we’re sharing a few of our top hair care tips to restore, repair and revitalise your summer strands. 

How To Cut Down on Summer Hair Damage

Stop It Before It Starts

The quickest and easiest way to curb summer hair damage is to stop it before it even starts. Shielding your hair from the sun with a hat is one of the best ways to beat the heat (and damage) in style. If a hat isn’t part of your routine or outfit, consider incorporating deep conditioners once a week or leave-in treatments as you style. There’s a reason why the low, slicked-back bun is so trendy during the summer — you can add your favourite leave-in prior to pulling it back! 

We love adding Aloxxi Split Ends Mend prior to any style. This styler visibly reduces split ends by 88% and protects against future breakage with a blend of fortifying peptides, amino acids and conditioning agents. Lightweight yet powerful, this serum repairs split ends and provides nourishment to weak, depleted strands during the summer season when you need it most! 

Repair Your Hair During Summer

To repair hair damage from heat styling, UV rays, salt or chlorinated water you’ll want to take a two-fold approach — finding products that restore protein as well as hydration in the hair is essential. Proteins rebuild the hair from the inside out to create stronger strands, while hydration creates soft, smooth, shiny results. 

Restore Protein & Enhance Hydration

Choosing products that do both — Aloxxi Reparative Shampoo & Conditioner are infused with Advanced Recovery Technology™ to do just that. It includes a blend of strengthening peptides, amino acids and conditioning agents to repair and nourish weak strands. This powerhouse of ingredients helps to create soft, smooth, more manageable hair and is clinically proven to reduce breakage. Additionally, Reparative Shampoo & Conditioner contain Aloxxi’s ColourCare Complex, a proprietary blend of 10 anti-oxidant extracts, to protect hair colour from fading by helping to block damaging UV rays — making it a must-have this summer.


Indulge With A Luxurious Masque

Summer might be one of the most fun season’s but sometimes we forget to give ourselves and our hair a break. By taking the time to indulge in a little self care, we can repair our hair and our mood. 

Aloxxi's Reparative Treatment Masque is the number one way to revitalize damaged, protein depleted, dull hair. This super blend of plant proteins, Vitamin B5, and ColourCare Complex fortify strands, restores, adds luster and improves manageability and protects against UVA/UVB rays to deliver strong, smooth, shiny hair.