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Scalp Care Tips

Our Top Scalp Care Tips for Healthy Strands

What’s the secret to achieving great hair days? While a thorough shampoo and heat protectant is key, the most important element is actually a healthy scalp. 

Self-care has become a mainstay in our everyday routines, and with this, the importance of scalp care has also increased. Looking for ways to care for the scalp the same way we care for our skin — the signification of hair was born. By adding a few choice products and reworking our daily habits, a healthy scalp and nourished strands are within reach. As we learn to put our scalps first, we’ve got a few tips to improve your scalp and strands. 

The Skinification of the Scalp

When we talk about “skinification” this concept focuses on choosing ingredients and products that can specifically treat your scalp’s needs. It might not be as in-depth as our 7-step skincare routines, but by adding a few hero products, you can improve the function of your scalp. 

How Scalp Care Impacts Your Hair

When we think about our hairstyle, we are usually concerned with the main culprits: frizz, dryness, lack of definition, volume, and fullness. What we forget is that many of these concerns can be improved by looking at the state of our scalp. 

Each hair stems from a follicle that is attached to a sebaceous gland — this is where the control of sebum (aka oil) takes place. When follicles are damaged or impacted by product buildup, dry or dead skin, an overproduction (or underproduction) of sebum, or heat, it will impact hair growth, function, and condition. What you want to aim for is balance. 

Common Scalp Care Concerns

Many of the most common problems arise from hard water build-up, heat damage or changes in routine, and these can impact your style. 

  • Dandruff
  • Dry scalp
  • Itchy scalp
  • Oily strands
  • Hair loss

*If you are experiencing any of these or more impactful problems on your scalp — it is best to contact your physician and discuss any changes or concerns. 

Scalp Care Tips

Switching up your daily or weekly routine can make a significant impact on your scalp and, therefore, your strands. 

  • Making small changes like wearing a low ponytail or braid instead of a tight topknot or ponytail can help cut down on tension at the root. This usually improves scalp sensitivity. 
  • Add Aloxxi Clarifying Shampoo to your wash day routine. By removing build-up, scalp function improves, and strands can better absorb any moisturizing products that follow.
  • Wear sun protection like a hat or scarf to cut down on UV rays and sun damage.
  • Consider adding a scalp scrub if you need exfoliation. This can help slough off dead skin cells or encourage blood flow to the scalp to reinvigorate the area.
  • Drinking more water is a great habit for your skin, and this includes your scalp! This can help energize hair growth or revive brittle hair. 
  • Focus on feeding your body with healthy nutrients packed with antioxidants (to counteract oxidative stress), probiotics (for gut health), and omega-3s (for growth).

Product Pick: Aloxxi Clarifying Shampoo

Scalp Care Tips

This sulfate-free formulation gently cleanses to remove build-up to detox your hair. With ColourCare Complex, it contains 10 anti-oxidant extracts that protect hair colour from fading by blocking damaging UV rays. Utilizing this as needed is ideal for removing impurities and replenishing moisture.