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Essential Care Tips to Protect Your Blonde This Summer

Essential Care Tips to Protect Your Blonde This Summer

While we love summer for the fashion, the beach days, and the vibes, the summer sun and exposure can be harsh on your hair, especially when it comes to blondes. Whether you’re a natural or bottle blonde, there are a few care tips that should be added to your routine this summer to protect your hair. 

How To Care For & Protect Summer Blondes

UV rays, heat, salt water, and chlorine are the top stressors that can impact your blonde hair colour during the summer months. These environmental elements can dull, discolour and damage your hair. Upgrading your routine with both in-salon and at-home care is essential to creating a flawless finish. 

Our Favourite Summer Treatments for Blonde Hair


Aloxxi Tones Demi-Permanent Hair Colour

After achieving your desired shade, a professional gloss treatment like Aloxxi TONES® with CDP Complex® is ideal to refresh your shade and improve the condition of your hair. This demi-permanent colour contains no ammonia but delivers incredible shine, strength, and brilliance. Whether your highlights have faded, or become discoloured from the sun or sea, TONES® quickly and effectively tones your hair and lasts for up to 24 shampoos.

Suggested use: every 4-6 weeks.

Violet Shampoo

Aloxxi Violet Shampoo for Brassiness and Yellowing

When blonde hair colour starts to fade or pick up pigments from environmental stressors it can turn brassy or yellow. To neutralise unwanted pigments or avoid this all together, add Aloxxi Violet Shampoo to your regular care routine. The violet shade works by canceling out unwanted warmth, leaving you with a neutralised tone. With a hydrating and deeply pigmented formula, this violet enhancing shampoo gently cleanses the hair and delivers bright, cool, refreshed results. 

Suggested use: Once a week depending on your desired needs and results. 

Clarifying Shampoo

Aloxxi Clarifying Shampoo

Salt, chlorine, sunscreen — the summer months add a new level of buildup to your hair that can impact your colour. To gently detox the hair and reveal a brighter blonde, add Aloxxi Clarifying Shampoo to your hair care regimen. By removing buildup and impurities, it not only reveals a truer tone, but helps your hair receive the benefits of any treatments that follow. This formula also features ColourCare Complex containing a proprietary blend of 10 antioxidant extracts that protect against damaging UV rays to keep hair colour from fading.

Suggested use: Every other week or once a month as needed. 


Aloxxi Instaboost Conditioning Colour Masques

When you really want to perfect your tone at home, utilising Aloxxi INSTABOOST® Color Conditioning Masques are key. Not only do they improve the health of your hair, but with the ability to refresh your tone, they can help brighten your blonde and enhance your shade. Based on the finished look you’re after you can use INSTABOOST® to add a hint of colour or as a treatment to counteract unwanted tones like brassiness and yellowing. Featuring the CDP Complex, INSTABOOST® Conditions, Deposits and Protects colour-treated hair and deposits pigment in 3-5 minutes, making this an easy add-on at the salon or at home. 

Suggested use: Once a week or every other week as needed.