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Boost Colour Just In Time for The New Year

Boost Colour Just In Time for The New Year

’Tis the season of gifts and gatherings, but what about treating yourself to a new hue just in time for the New Year? Whether you’re looking to refresh your go-to shade or add a hint of pink just in time for the ball drop — we’ve got you covered. Below we’re detailing exactly how to boost your hair colour before 2023!

How To Upgrade Your Hair Colour 

There are a few easy ways to transform your colour either in the salon or at home. If opting for a salon treatment, chat with your stylist about an Aloxxi TONES® treatment — a demi-permanent option that enhances your shade without the commitment. If you can’t make it into the salon, pick up Aloxxi INSTABOOST® — a colour masque that can be applied at home for a hint of colour and even deeper results over time. While each service works beautifully on its own, INSTABOOST® is the ideal way to refresh TONES® and keep colour looking its best between appointments.

In-Salon Treatments

Hair glosses are officially the buzz around town. With the ability to combat brass, add shine and condition, and refresh your colour without commitment, they’re becoming one of the top requested services in the salon. Whether you want to upgrade your tone or try a new shade for the new year, now is the best time to book an Aloxxi TONES® treatment.

Aloxxi TONES® Demi-Permanent Colour stands out for variety of reasons:

  • PPD free
  • No ammonia 
  • It lasts up to 24 washes 

The best part? Although TONES® provide vibrant, long-lasting results, the unique formula allows your stylist to easily break through colour to make a change when desired. So go ahead and add a touch of lavender or a hint of blue for New Year’s — you can easily switch up your shade well before Valentine's Day! 

At-Home Colour Care

If you didn’t have time to grab a colour appointment before New Year’s Eve, you still have options! Boost your colour in an instant with Aloxxi INSTABOOST®

Refresh your fashion shade, add a hint of pastel in minutes, or create deeper, vibrant colours over time. INSTABOOST® is a conditioning colour masque available in 13 intermixable shades that deliver intense hydration and shine and a hint of colour with semi-permanent direct dyes. 

If you’ve always wanted to create a warm brunette shade, add strawberry to your blonde, amplify your copper, or build up to blue over time, this is the ideal at-home option.  

Tips for use: 

  • INSTABOOST® can be used on damp or dry hair if more intense results are wanted.
  • After applying to the hair, comb through to evenly diffuse the colour and let stand for 3-5 minutes before thoroughly washing.
  • Masques can easily be used in the shower following your shampoo to continually tone between appointments. 

In addition to beautiful, customisable colour, intense condition and shine, INSTABOOST® is part of our 10 Free, meaning it contains no sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, ethanolamines, phthalates, talc, microbeads, aluminum compounds or formaldehyde. Featuring our CDP Complex you’ll notice complete colour coverage, in-depth moisturizing conditioners, and brilliant shine within each strand! Lasting 10-15 washes, these ingredient-conscious masques are the perfect way to celebrate and start the new year in style. 

*Expert tip: If you’re nervous about toning your colour at home, you can easily request this service in the salon instead!

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