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S Curve Color Technique

Color Personality: A BLUSH OF BAROLO
Natural Level: 3
Texture: Average
Porosity: Porous

Formula A: ANDIAMO 4RM with 20 Vol. Developer
Formula B: ANDIAMO 5C with 30 Vol. Developer
Formula C: ANDIAMO 5RM with 30 Vol. Developer


Step 1
Apply ColourPrime Pre-Color Treatment.

Step 2
Create an ā€œSā€ shape on each side and on the top. Apply Formula A at the base and Formula B to the mid-lengths thru the ends and separate with foils.

Step 3
Apply Formula A to the base and Formula C to the mid-lengths thru the ends to all remaining hair.

Step 4
Develop, rinse and apply ColourLock Post-Color Finisher.