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Diamond Strike Color Technique

Color Personality: PENNY IN THE TREVI
Natural Level: 6
Texture: Average
Porosity: Porous

Formula A: CHROMA 7K mixed 1:1.5 with 20 Vol. Developer
Formula B: CHROMA 8K + K GEM mixed 1:1.5 with 30 Vol. Developer
Formula C: White LIGHTENER with 10 Vol. Developer
Formula D: CHROMA 6K with 20 Vol. Developer

Formula 1: ULTRA HOT 20g Pink + 10g Red + 2g Blue


Step 1
Apply ColourPrime Pre-Color Treatment.

Step 2
Secure a rectangle panel on the left front perimeter section. Create a diagonal section from the right eye across the head to the top of the left ear. Apply Formula A to the base and melt to Formula B.

Step 3
Release rectangle and apply Formula A at the base and melt to Formula C.

Step 4
Apply Formula D to the base of all remaining hair and melt to Formula B. Develop, rinse and ColourLock.

Step 5
Apply Formula 1 to the rectangle.

Step 6
Develop, rinse and ColourLock.