Top 10 Tips for Keeping Fashion Hair Color from Fading

Pink hair? Do CARE!

You’ve made the decision. Finally, you are going to take the plunge and get the mermaid hair of your dreams! But how do you set yourself, and your stylist, up for success before, during and after the color process? Fear not, I have all your color care concerns covered with 10 tips for slaying colorful hair!

Image courtesy of Sam LaBella

1: Level with Yourself

Are you ready to commit to a 4-5 week hair schedule for all over statement making hair? Or is a natural on rainbow balayage 8-10 weeks more your speed? Set realistic expectations about how often you are willing to commit to coming back for touch ups and communicate them with your stylists so they can meet your needs.

2: Do Your Homework

Research your stylists. Is the work they are creating shiny, healthy, sophisticated unconventional color work? Nothing makes fun colors look drugstore quality faster than over processed locks masked with dull and inky pigments. How does one research their stylist or know they are right for them? Like look at their Instagram and examples of their work to confirm you will like the outcome on yourself?

3: Set a Realistic Budget

It’s not easy, or cheap, being a mermaid! My motto will forever be, “Don’t go cheap on tattoos or hair, they create your FOREVER outfit.”

4: Wait to Wash

Make sure you wait about 72 hours before washing that hair or you will wash that investment right down the drain. From there, get on a schedule of 2-3 days between washes.

Photo courtesy of Sam LaBella

5: Take a Cold Shower!

Hot water feels amazing, but it sucks out the brilliance in colorful hair. I ask my clients to wash with as cool of water as they can handle.  Many wash their hair separate from their body.

6: Care for You Hair

All shampoos and conditioners are not created equal. Drugstore brands are inexpensive because they have inexpensive ingredients and now that you have invested in those gorgeous locks, don’t half ass it now!  It’s not a sales ploy when your stylist tells you what you need to care for your hair (they are your personal hair expert). You wouldn’t seek out advice from your doc on a sore throat, then middle finger a prescription, right? Don’t do it to your stylist either.  Look for shampoos like the Reparative Shampoo that are sulfate-free and do not have harsh salts as they strip moisture and color.

7: Style with Care

With home care in mind, make sure your stylers are made for color treated hair (no, not all of them are).  Ingredients like sulfates, and harsh salts jack with the pH of the hair which pop open the cuticle and can allow color to fade faster.

8: Give Color a Boost!

Use a color conditioning masque to help maintain the tone and condition of colored hair. The Aloxxi InstaBoost™ Color Conditioning Masques come in 7 colors and the shine is incredible!

Photo courtesy of Sam LaBella

9: Turn Down the Heat

Just like with hot water, super hot tools can diminish the sparkle and vibrancy of colored hair. Keep hot tools around 350 degrees.

10: Keep it Fun in the Sun

Make sure stylers and finishers have some sun protection.  If you’re going to swim make sure to dampen your hair first and run a leave in conditioner like Aloxxi’s Essential 7 Oil Leave-In Conditioning Cream through the ends. It contains ColourCare Complex to protect hair from UV damage. Tying it up in a super tight knot pre-swim will also help keep color intact.

It’s important to note that while these tips were shared with our mermaids in mind, they are also just good color care 101 for anyone with color treated tresses!

– Aloxxi Artist, Sam LaBella (@samlabellahair) and hair unicorn