5 On Trend Holiday Hair Tips for 2019

Light Holiday Hair Ablaze with Color and Style Ideas


“I love to play with the tonality of my brunette babes in the winter. With our skin becoming more pale and richer palettes in our wardrobe, I really like to play with color. The new Hazel-Nuts For You InstaBoost cocktailed with a bit of Purple Reign gives a little change and just a shine of violet depth without hard commitment. The condition is insane and you can take it home from the salon to maintain.”  – Sam LaBella, National Team Member, @SamLaBellaHair

Brunette Purple hair Photo courtesy of Sam LaBella
Photo courtesy of Sam LaBella


Bobby pins are this season’s must have accessory to set holiday style apart.  Placed into healthy, shiny, vibrant hair sets looks apart!  We’ve got both needs covered with our Peace, Love and Good Hair kits.  Offering essential products with rose gold bobby pins for fun flares of style, your hair goals will be handled this season!

Photo courtesy of Aloxxi


“Aloxxi RRx TREATMENT is great all year round but I recommend it for clients that are prone to breakage during the dry winter months so that their hair stays strong with the increased styling that comes with the holiday season. The treatment is very quick and lasts several weeks after it’s applied. For clients, be sure to ask your hairdresser if they offer this treatment during your visit!” – Josie LaField, National Team Member, @JBLHair

Aloxxi RRx Treatment® 2-Step Professional System


“Pony up for the holidays! Spray Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler throughout dry hair, brush hair to center top, secure with a stretchy hair band. Spray Firm Hold Hairspray on hands and smooth over fly-always for a controlled finished look. Then spray Essential 7 Oil Dry Oil Shine Mist on hair and a little in your hand, then twist pony until it tightens just a bit and hold for a minute. Spray Bombshell over pony and shake your head! Now for the customizing, take a silk scarf, fancy ribbon or a bandana and wrap around the pony shaft or tie in a bow and you are ready for the fun!” – Tommy Cole, National Team Member, @TommyColeHair

Stock image from Pinterest @ShopRedDress


“With everyone rushing around for others during the holiday season, ANDIAMO let’s you fit in quick highlights or an Express Color Service so you can get in and out of the salon in an hour and ensure you look great at the holiday table!” – Jessica Wall Innella, National Team Member, @JessicatheBeSeries

Photo Courtesy of Aloxxi

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