Uncovered: 3 New Must-Have Products for Bombshell Hair!

Are you ready for big, shiny, fast drying locks?

Delivering killer body and beautiful shine in an instant, Aloxxi’s brand new Bombshell Shampoo, Conditioner and Shine Mist join their renowned Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler for a complete collection of products for big, shiny looks, fast.

Designed to reduce drying time and strengthen the hair, the Bombshell Shampoo and Conditioner feature lightweight Sugar Starch that helps absorb moisture so hair dries faster and Quartz Dust to deliver shine.  Additionally, Aloxxi’s proprietary Bombshell Boost, with White Nettle and Ginseng extracts, strengthens hair to restore volume and full-bodied style without weighting the hair down.

The spotlight stealing, superfine, weightless Bombshell Shine Mist is a heat protectant that provides frizz and flyaway control for soft, smooth strands with brilliant shine.  Quartz Dust provides balanced texture and shine while lightweight Coconut Oil smooths strands to provide a silky, polished sheen.  Additionally, Calendula Extract, which contains Lutein, helps protect hair from blue light (computers, cell phones, televisions, etc…) for healthy, vibrant looking hair.

These three products create a collection around the runaway hit, Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler that launched with the help of celebrity artist Michael Dueñas.  It adds volume and texture, protects from heat styling, and creates body/extends style of next day hair, without the sticky or crunchy feeling, all in a “one-of-a-kind, never created before styler,” according to Dueñas.

“The Volumizing Grip Styler was created to give volume and grip to wet or dry hair, in a simple, easy to use product that delivers incredible results.  I love it for creating an effortlessly light look, with the right texture and no stickiness,” says Dueñas.  “Having a full line products to create bombshell looks fast is just natural.  A light, voluminous product line is always in need and this one is the complete package for every Bombshell want or needs.”

Aloxxi Bombshell group shot

All Bombshell products also feature ColourCare Complex, a blend of 10 antioxidants including Pomegranate, White Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Green Tea Leaf, Ginseng, Algae, Bearberry, Chamomile, Licorice Root and Coneflower Extracts to protect color from UV damage.  All Bombshell products are free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, ethanolamines, phthalates, talc, microbeads, aluminum compounds and formaldehyde.

Ultimately, this collection of Bombshell products guarantees your hair is the bomb!

Bombshell News: 3 Voluminous, Big Hair Styles

Hello, Bombshell!

Are you ready to get the bombshell hair you’ve always dreamed of? Brigitte Bardot, Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe may have done it first, but with a bit of modern inspo and our new Bombshell Volume Grip & Hold Spray, you can do it best!

BOMBSHELL Volumizing Grip Styler
Volumizing Grip Styler

Delivering the ultimate blowout, this show-stopping spray creates volume, texture, shine and hold, all in one lightweight bomb product!  It is essential for use with hot tools, as it shields hair from heat stylers up to 450˚ F and protects hair color from fading by helping block damaging UV rays.

Created in conjunction with celebrity stylist and Aloxxi Artist, Michael Dueñas (@michaelduenas) who styles today’s iconic bombshells including Noah Cyrus, Padma Lakshmi and Rachel Bloom, ensured Bombshell is everything you need to turn heads.

“For years and years I have used dry shampoo and hairspray, cocktailed on wet hair to give lift, body, fullness and hold,” said Dueñas. “Aloxxi loved the results I was getting with that and decided to do something better. They created the ultimate one-and-done product.”

“You can use it on wet or dry hair. It has zero weight, super flexible hold, no flaking, no residue, and is the ultimate in volume and soft, touchable texture. It has become a staple in my kit, and is a one-of-a-kind, never created before product,” he said.

Want to get the look? The options are endless but here are three on-trend styles you can create with Bombshell and won’t be able to live without!

1. Ringlet Curls


To create voluminous ringlet curls take small sections starting in the nape and work to the front utilizing a 1/8″ iron. Spray Bombshell to create grip and provide heat protection on each section. Let the hair completely cool before finger combing to release the volume. Finish with Bombshell by lifting the curls and spraying into the curls to create maximum volume.

2. Loose Bombshell Curls


For tousled curls prep hair with a Bombshell by lifting up sections and spraying from base to ends. This will create volume and grip when utilizing a flat iron to create a loose curl pattern. When you release the curl from the flat iron, spray with Working Hairspray for a flexible hold on soft loose movable curls.

3. Modern Pony


Create texture and separation in the crown by applying Lightweight Sculpting Wax and blow dry with a round brush. Then spray the hair with Bombshell through the mid-lengths to ends and continue drying. Back brush in the crown area providing volume then sweep hair back securing in a half loop modern pony.

As with all our care and style products, you can count on our proprietary ColourCare Complex™, a blend of 10 nutrient rich antioxidants including Pomegranate, White Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Green Tea Leaf, Ginseng, Algae, Bearberry, Chamomile, Licorice Root and Coneflower Extracts, botanicals and oils, to maintain vibrant, healthy hair.

They are also all 10 Free! This means they are not just Sulfate-free and  Paraben-free, but also free of Gluten, Sodium Chloride, Ethanolamines, Phthalates, Talc, Microbeads, Aluminum Compounds, and Formaldehyde.

Trust us, it’s the bomb!