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BY: Jessica Mark Wohlwend

Secret to Permanent Hair Color In 10 Minutes Revealed

Whether you are the stylist or the client, you can relate to dreading the time wasted while waiting 30-45 minutes for hair color to process. There are just so many other things you could be doing with your time. Well, the wait is over! Did you know you can get beautiful, long-lasting, permanent color and complete grey coverage in just 10 minutes with Aloxxi’s ANDIAMO® Express Permanent Colour?

Andiamo Timer

Designed for retouching greys, blending and covering, or adding in quick highlights on any hair type, ANDIAMO reduces processing time from 30-45 minutes to only 10 minutes. The magic is in the proprietary Turbo Dye Technology® which has an increased pigment concentration to deposit a higher concentration of dyes in only 10 minutes while the calibrated dye coupler formula regulates the dye oxidation pace to ensure consistent, on-point color results with up to four levels of lift. Last but not least, Illipe Butter provides nourishment, shine & manageability.

By speeding up the hair color experience, stylists can free up time in their schedules for add-on services or even take a few extra appointments per week and clients can get in and out in under an hour to get on with the rest of their day, all without compromising color longevity and the care, condition and  health of the hair.

So be it over coffee, lunch hour, happy hour, or any hour that works for your schedule, ANDIAMO lets you color, blow and go in under an hour!

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ANDIAMO® Express Permanent Colour

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