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BY: Jessica Wohlwend

How to Get the Season’s Hottest Hair Trend: Liquid Tech

Dive into the magic of winter with unexpected cool hues inspired by Aloxxi’s Liquid Tech trend.

Liquid Tech explores unchartered territories, fusing a sense of dark fantasy with the mystery of nature into a sophisticated song. Otherworldly aesthetics, colors and textures inspired by the ocean emerge to play with light, transcending the cool, dark unknown.

Liquid Tech Trend Model

For color, blue tones appear in metallic and matte finishes with soft hues of blue zircon and blue lightning adding freshness and luminosity. Mints, silvers and teals complement and showcase the beauty of digitally-inspired tones.

ULTRA HOT colors (Blue, Green, Violet) can be mixed with an InstaBoost Silver Fox overlay to dust out the colors for a slight metallic look. For a darker smoky look, add ULTRA HOT Black to smoke out the color. Cool toned, aqua influenced, beams radiate against bold cool toned brunettes. Blue and Teal bring an aquatic, oceanic feel to dark hair. You can pre-lighten hair with Ultra LIGHTENER and apply InstaBoost Aquamarine Dream to create a molten wet look. Blending hues from turquoise to green, you can disguise where the colors intersects.

Styles highlighted in this trend bring texture from the deep aqua for moody movement. Curls are fluid with hair manipulated into ribbon and spiral waves using a heated curling wand and set with nourishing oils. Finishes incorporate accessories inclusive of clusters of shells and coral sitting on wet locks. It is all about pliable architecture.

Liquid Tech Trend Model

Cut a bob with a strong base line then slice through the ends, creating space in the interior to allow movement even when styled straight. Create a mix of natural texture using a flat iron to add some bend to the hair and give it a naturally unnatural effect. Work in a bit of Lightweight Sculpting Wax to finish. You can also use a flat paddle brush to reduce volume and fully dry the hair. Apply Molding Paste to create a piecey textured look. Another option is to apply Essential 7 Oil Restorative Hair Serum to wet hair and blow dry. Then, flat iron the hair and direct the sections forward to focus the movement around the face. Finish with Working Hairspray for lightweight texture and movement.

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