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BY: Josie Blanks LaField, Guest Contributor

Dos and Don’ts for Maintaining Summer Blonde Hair

Do blondes have more fun? The question elicits a lot of opinions, but one thing is for certain, blondes certainly require a whole lot more TLC!

Not to worry, we have you covered. Just in time for summer, we asked Aloxxi Artist and blonding master, Josie Blanks LaField (@JBLHair) for her top Dos and Don’ts for keeping beautiful blonde hair healthy and strong so you can really show your color off.


1) When you’re first considering going blonde, DO ask your stylist questions regarding maintenance, upfront cost, and what to expect after your first appointment. They should be happy to walk you through the process and discuss what home care will be best for your hair. Having healthy blonde hair takes effort at home. A salon visit once every six weeks is not going to take the place of solid home hair care.

2) Blonde hair is sensitive to its environment. Things like sunlight, florescent light, heat styling, the wrong hair care products, and hard water/minerals all affect the hair. DO use a color safe shampoo like Clarifying Shampoo to safely remove buildup that can shift the color of your blonde in-between appointments. I like to use it before I use Aloxxi’s new Violet Shampoo. This shampoo is formulated with Glutathione and Violet Micropigments to counteract brassiness and enhance blonde, grey or white hair.

3) Ladies, DO turn down your hot tools! Styling tools that are too hot will increase porosity in your hair which can affect your color and also cause breakage over time, 325-375˚F is usually a good range for hot tools on blonde hair. I like using a small amount of serum on wet hair prior to blow-drying to increase frizz control, add hydration, and help protect the hair from heat.


1) DON’T forget to cover your hair in the sun! Throw on a cute hat if you are lounging poolside all day. Sunlight can dry the hair and cause your color to become brassy. I recommend applying the Essential 7 Oil Leave-In Conditioning Cream, or Reparative Treatment Masque on dry hair before going out into the sun or water. All Aloxxi products protect hair from damaging UVA/UVB rays. It’s like sunscreen for your hair!

2) Gold doesn’t always mean brassy! DON’T be afraid to experiment with natural golden blondes that are so on trend this summer! I love how much shine and brightness golden tones provide and it’s nice to see clients embracing their hair’s natural warmth! These tones can be maintained easily at home with InstaBoost in Copper Cabana. Just mix equal parts with the Reparative Conditioner and apply to wet hair for 5-15 minutes to revive your golden shade.

3) DON’T be too rough on your hair. For brunettes who are dying to be blonde, some blonde shades may not be the healthiest choice for your hair. I see tons of clients requesting super light shades on their naturally dark hair, and the truth is that not all hair types can be pushed to the lightest shades of blonde and remain healthy. Remember, the long-term health of your hair is the most important factor when deciding which shade works for you. There is a lighter option for darker brunettes, it just might not be as light as you hoped. But, some of the most gorgeous highlighted brunettes are rich caramel shades that haven’t been pushed to the limit.

What are some of your need to know Dos and Don’ts for blonde hair maintenance? Let us know in the comments below!

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