5 Easy Summer Hairstyles with Tips to Make Them Look Stunning

Have some fun this Summer with 5 easy hairstyles (with an Aloxxi touch!) guaranteed to turn heads.

1. Beach Hair, Don’t Care

Quickly, brush hair from the day and spray dry shampoo at the base, disheveling it. Then spray a light mist of a Bombshell grip styler, and a super fine Bomshell Shine mist of shine spray. Use a tad of heat, either an iron or blow dryer for reshaping as needed. Finish with Working Hairspray or Bombshell Grip Styler for a soft touchable hold and go!

2. Bun Protection

If you are spending the day in the pool, protect your hair with a quick stylish bun! First, wet hair, towel dry and slather with E7 Leave in Conditioning Cream or Reparative Treatment Masque. Next pull hair in a low or high pony tail- secure with an elastic, then wrap ends to create a bun and secure with hair pins!

3. Pony Up

Create texture and separation in the crown with Lightweight Sculpting Wax. Then spray hair with Bombshell through mid-lengths and end before tying and leaving hair in a half loop modern pony.

4. Curl, Girl

To create voluminous curls use a 1/8” iron and work with small sections while spraying in a Bomsbshell Grip Styler for hold and heat protection. Let hair cool. Apply a small amount of E7 Serum in hands, and create separation and curl definition by finger combing Finish with a hairspray with grip, like our Bombshell Volumizing Grip Style or Working Hairspray if desired!

5. Bombshell Waves

For tousled waves, prep hair with a few sprays of a spray like our Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler to create volume and grip. Then use a flat iron to create a loose curl pattern. After allowing the waves to cool, define waves texture by using hands or brush and finish with Working Hairspray or more Bombshell Grip Styler for soft touchable hold.

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Secret to Permanent Hair Color In 10 Minutes Revealed

Whether you are the stylist or the client, you can relate to dreading the time wasted while waiting 30-45 minutes for hair color to process. There are just so many other things you could be doing with your time. Well, the wait is over! Did you know you can get beautiful, long-lasting, permanent color and complete grey coverage in just 10 minutes with Aloxxi’s ANDIAMO® Express Permanent Colour?

Andiamo Timer

Designed for retouching greys, blending and covering, or adding in quick highlights on any hair type, ANDIAMO reduces processing time from 30-45 minutes to only 10 minutes. The magic is in the proprietary Turbo Dye Technology® which has an increased pigment concentration to deposit a higher concentration of dyes in only 10 minutes while the calibrated dye coupler formula regulates the dye oxidation pace to ensure consistent, on-point color results with up to four levels of lift. Last but not least, Illipe Butter provides nourishment, shine & manageability.

By speeding up the hair color experience, stylists can free up time in their schedules for add-on services or even take a few extra appointments per week and clients can get in and out in under an hour to get on with the rest of their day, all without compromising color longevity and the care, condition and  health of the hair.

So be it over coffee, lunch hour, happy hour, or any hour that works for your schedule, ANDIAMO lets you color, blow and go in under an hour!

Uncovered: 3 New Must-Have Products for Bombshell Hair!

Are you ready for big, shiny, fast drying locks?

Delivering killer body and beautiful shine in an instant, Aloxxi’s brand new Bombshell Shampoo, Conditioner and Shine Mist join their renowned Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler for a complete collection of products for big, shiny looks, fast.

Designed to reduce drying time and strengthen the hair, the Bombshell Shampoo and Conditioner feature lightweight Sugar Starch that helps absorb moisture so hair dries faster and Quartz Dust to deliver shine.  Additionally, Aloxxi’s proprietary Bombshell Boost, with White Nettle and Ginseng extracts, strengthens hair to restore volume and full-bodied style without weighting the hair down.

The spotlight stealing, superfine, weightless Bombshell Shine Mist is a heat protectant that provides frizz and flyaway control for soft, smooth strands with brilliant shine.  Quartz Dust provides balanced texture and shine while lightweight Coconut Oil smooths strands to provide a silky, polished sheen.  Additionally, Calendula Extract, which contains Lutein, helps protect hair from blue light (computers, cell phones, televisions, etc…) for healthy, vibrant looking hair.

These three products create a collection around the runaway hit, Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler that launched with the help of celebrity artist Michael Dueñas.  It adds volume and texture, protects from heat styling, and creates body/extends style of next day hair, without the sticky or crunchy feeling, all in a “one-of-a-kind, never created before styler,” according to Dueñas.

“The Volumizing Grip Styler was created to give volume and grip to wet or dry hair, in a simple, easy to use product that delivers incredible results.  I love it for creating an effortlessly light look, with the right texture and no stickiness,” says Dueñas.  “Having a full line products to create bombshell looks fast is just natural.  A light, voluminous product line is always in need and this one is the complete package for every Bombshell want or needs.”

Aloxxi Bombshell group shot

All Bombshell products also feature ColourCare Complex, a blend of 10 antioxidants including Pomegranate, White Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Green Tea Leaf, Ginseng, Algae, Bearberry, Chamomile, Licorice Root and Coneflower Extracts to protect color from UV damage.  All Bombshell products are free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, ethanolamines, phthalates, talc, microbeads, aluminum compounds and formaldehyde.

Ultimately, this collection of Bombshell products guarantees your hair is the bomb!

Liquid Tech Trend Model

How to Get the Season’s Hottest Hair Trend: Liquid Tech

Dive into the magic of winter with unexpected cool hues inspired by Aloxxi’s Liquid Tech trend.

Liquid Tech explores unchartered territories, fusing a sense of dark fantasy with the mystery of nature into a sophisticated song. Otherworldly aesthetics, colors and textures inspired by the ocean emerge to play with light, transcending the cool, dark unknown.

Liquid Tech Trend Model

For color, blue tones appear in metallic and matte finishes with soft hues of blue zircon and blue lightning adding freshness and luminosity. Mints, silvers and teals complement and showcase the beauty of digitally-inspired tones.

ULTRA HOT colors (Blue, Green, Violet) can be mixed with an InstaBoost Silver Fox overlay to dust out the colors for a slight metallic look. For a darker smoky look, add ULTRA HOT Black to smoke out the color. Cool toned, aqua influenced, beams radiate against bold cool toned brunettes. Blue and Teal bring an aquatic, oceanic feel to dark hair. You can pre-lighten hair with Ultra LIGHTENER and apply InstaBoost Aquamarine Dream to create a molten wet look. Blending hues from turquoise to green, you can disguise where the colors intersects.

Styles highlighted in this trend bring texture from the deep aqua for moody movement. Curls are fluid with hair manipulated into ribbon and spiral waves using a heated curling wand and set with nourishing oils. Finishes incorporate accessories inclusive of clusters of shells and coral sitting on wet locks. It is all about pliable architecture.

Liquid Tech Trend Model

Cut a bob with a strong base line then slice through the ends, creating space in the interior to allow movement even when styled straight. Create a mix of natural texture using a flat iron to add some bend to the hair and give it a naturally unnatural effect. Work in a bit of Lightweight Sculpting Wax to finish. You can also use a flat paddle brush to reduce volume and fully dry the hair. Apply Molding Paste to create a piecey textured look. Another option is to apply Essential 7 Oil Restorative Hair Serum to wet hair and blow dry. Then, flat iron the hair and direct the sections forward to focus the movement around the face. Finish with Working Hairspray for lightweight texture and movement.

Inspired to try Liquid Tech? Revel in the mysticism of the dark side with the products below:

Aloxxi Holiday Gift Guide that Hairdressers Love to Give and Get!

Holiday hair?  We know you care, A LOT, and not just about yours but those you love too. We also know finding the right gift can be straight up hairy! So this season we are sharing our favorite hair buys for anyone who likes (or needs) good hair days, which lets be honest is basically everyone on your list.

For The One In Need of a Little More Care

Our Peace, Love and Good Hair care kits offer Shampoo and Conditioner essentials with fun flares of style. Available in Hydrating, Volumizing, Reparative and our Essential 7 Oil, each comes with a FREE set of on-trend rose gold hair pins, guaranteeing all your hair goals are handled!

For Your Color Obsessed Bestie

Give hair an instant boost of color and condition with any of our 12 InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masques.  Perfect for refreshing so hair looks on point for all family gatherings, even if you can’t get into the salon, as well as providing the opportunity to try something new, these masques are must haves for the person that colors your world!

For the Always a Bombshell In Your Life

If Bombshell hair is a MUST this holiday season, then our Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler is THE answer. Delivering intense volume, hold without crunch and heat protection up to 450 degrees, this is the one and done styler to take you from day to night, pre-party to post-party and everywhere in-between. Added bonus, the mini size is perfect to throw in your bag for refreshing on the go!

For That Someone in Need of Hair Help

We all have that one friend whose hair just needs a little TLC in the hair department. A gift certificate to your favorite salon/stylist for a cut, color or just a blowout will not only leave your hairdresser grateful for the referral but your friend, co-worker or Mother-In-Law indebted to you the gift of pampering and really good hair!

For The One Who Gives You Good Hair All Year Long

Your hairdresser changes your look and outlook every time you are in their chair.  Show them the love with something that speaks to them personally. In need of ideas?  We asked a few of our favorite hairdressers to share their favorite gifts:

“Wine, Duh!  In all seriousness though, wine, coffee (or coffee gift cards), massage gift certificates (or anything to take care of our bodies). Really any gifts from clients are amazing because that just shows they’re thinking of us! If you can’t think of a gift idea, donating to your favorite charity or cause in our names is always amazing!” – Robertina Martinez @hairbyrobertina

“Starbucks is always great or a CBD bath bomb or lotion which is so thoughtful considering how physical our jobs are.  Really, as with every gift, it’s the thought that means the most. For example I have a client who shares my love for curse words and off color humor. So she always gets me little gag gifts.”  – Sam LaBella @samlabellahair

“A simple card to show appreciation does more than you know, but if you insist on gifting go with a gift card or cash (cash preferred).  This is not fake news” – Tommy Cole @tommycolehair

“I would definitely go the way of gift cards to stores they know I shop at for myself, not for my family.  We love when they bring us cookies and food to get us through the holiday. A personalized gift or a bottle of wine they I know I like works too.” – Jessica Wall-Innella @jessicathebeseries

From our Family to yours, Merry, Happy, Everything!  We can’t wait to share all the FUN we have coming in 2020!


The Aloxxi Family

Elevate Natural Hues in Minutes!

Looking to take Natural Hair Hues to the next level? Learn how to elevate your naturals with tips from Artistic Team members Teri Dougherty and Tommy Cole as featured in Modern Salon!

Playful pink hair color, ravishing rosé hues and jewelry-inspired gem tones are always thumb-stoppers when clients and stylists are scrolling through Instagram. But in the salon, it’s the natural-looking blondes, brunettes and reds that generally fill the books—now more than ever according to Aloxxi International Artistic Advisor Teri Dougherty @teridougherty. “More and more clients want their color to look really natural,” she notes. Here are tips from Teri and Aloxxi National Educator Tommy Cole, @tommycolehair on how to nail the growing natural hair color trend.

Look at a kid’s hair color and what do you see? Definitely not stripes! “You never see uniformity in natural hair color,” says Teri. “So when highlighting, avoid consistent weaves. Instead, take a super fine slice, then apply half an inch of lightener, then leave out a tiny bit, then apply an inch of lightener, etc. And concentrate the color on the surface of the head—don’t jump into the interior too much. That’s not where natural lightness is found.” Tommy agrees and adds, “I like to do a combination of diagonal foils back from the face frame and mix in some babylights and some backcomb balayage when I’m creating natural shades.”

Photo courtesy of Teri Doughterty

Colorists tend to overcompensate when they tone, believes Tommy, which can result in a too-drab result if they’re trying to cancel warmth. “Nowadays we’re seeing natural gold tones that play well with brunette color,” he says, “so you don’t have to add too much violet or ash. Look at the natural tones and let the color ‘breathe’ and be seen. For a natural result, I’ve been toning with the new Aloxxi InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masques. They enhance color-treated or natural hair, and you can mix them with the new, clear InstaBoost Gloss Boss to further soften the intensity of the toner.”

Photo courtesy of Aloxxi

When lightening brunette shades, go low. “The secret with brunettes is to keep the volume of the developer as low as possible,” reveals Teri. “That way you can control the speed at which the underlying pigment is uncovered, and you can more easily control the warmth.”

Photo courtesy of Aloxxi

Porosity and damage often lead to unwanted tones in the hair. So to keep natural tones looking fresh, keep the hair healthy. “A color conditioning mask like InstaBoost helps with porosity while toning the hair,” says Teri. “I like to use it to refresh color after hair has been damaged and I definitely like to send it home with the client to maintain tone as well as condition.”

A cool burgundy can be fun for sure, but if you’re after a natural-looking red, stick to copper and gold tones. “Violet doesn’t live in natural hair color,” notes Teri. “When creating a red, I’ll combine several shades of gold, hazelnut and copper in a beachball-shape pattern around the head. I send clients home with InstaBoost Copper Cabana and Gloss Boss to keep the copper from getting too bright.”

Photo courtesy of Teri Dougherty

This article originally appeared on Modern Salon.

Want to try your hand at elevating your naturals?  Shop the products below:

5 On Trend Holiday Hair Tips for 2019

Light Holiday Hair Ablaze with Color and Style Ideas


“I love to play with the tonality of my brunette babes in the winter. With our skin becoming more pale and richer palettes in our wardrobe, I really like to play with color. The new Hazel-Nuts For You InstaBoost cocktailed with a bit of Purple Reign gives a little change and just a shine of violet depth without hard commitment. The condition is insane and you can take it home from the salon to maintain.”  – Sam LaBella, National Team Member, @SamLaBellaHair

Brunette Purple hair Photo courtesy of Sam LaBella
Photo courtesy of Sam LaBella


Bobby pins are this season’s must have accessory to set holiday style apart.  Placed into healthy, shiny, vibrant hair sets looks apart!  We’ve got both needs covered with our Peace, Love and Good Hair kits.  Offering essential products with rose gold bobby pins for fun flares of style, your hair goals will be handled this season!

Photo courtesy of Aloxxi


“Aloxxi RRx TREATMENT is great all year round but I recommend it for clients that are prone to breakage during the dry winter months so that their hair stays strong with the increased styling that comes with the holiday season. The treatment is very quick and lasts several weeks after it’s applied. For clients, be sure to ask your hairdresser if they offer this treatment during your visit!” – Josie LaField, National Team Member, @JBLHair

Aloxxi RRx Treatment® 2-Step Professional System


“Pony up for the holidays! Spray Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler throughout dry hair, brush hair to center top, secure with a stretchy hair band. Spray Firm Hold Hairspray on hands and smooth over fly-always for a controlled finished look. Then spray Essential 7 Oil Dry Oil Shine Mist on hair and a little in your hand, then twist pony until it tightens just a bit and hold for a minute. Spray Bombshell over pony and shake your head! Now for the customizing, take a silk scarf, fancy ribbon or a bandana and wrap around the pony shaft or tie in a bow and you are ready for the fun!” – Tommy Cole, National Team Member, @TommyColeHair

Stock image from Pinterest @ShopRedDress


“With everyone rushing around for others during the holiday season, ANDIAMO let’s you fit in quick highlights or an Express Color Service so you can get in and out of the salon in an hour and ensure you look great at the holiday table!” – Jessica Wall Innella, National Team Member, @JessicatheBeSeries

Photo Courtesy of Aloxxi

Want more holiday hair inspo?  Check us out on Instagram: @aloxxihair.  To shop these tips, visit www.aloxxishop.com



Get the Look: Bombshell Blowout

All your bombshell hair goals are about to be answered! We created the ultimate Bombshell Blowout video with our Celebrity Artist, Michael Dueñas just for you. This video shows technique work using hot tools and Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler to deliver effortlessly chic volume and body.

VIDEO: Watch How to get a Bombshell Blowout

In case you are just coming upon our Bombshell spray, it is the ultimate one and done product!  This show-stopping spray provides the ultimate blowout by creating volume, texture, shine and hold.  It is essential for use with hot tools, as it shields hair from heat stylers up to 450˚ F and protects hair color from fading by helping block damaging UV rays.

As with all our care and style products, you can count on our proprietary ColourCare Complex, a blend of 10 nutrient rich antioxidants including Pomegranate, White Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Green Tea Leaf, Ginseng, Algae, Bearberry, Chamomile, Licorice Root and Coneflower Extracts, botanicals and oils, to maintain vibrant, healthy hair.

They are also all 10 Free!  This means they are not just Sulfate-free and  Paraben-free, but also free of Gluten, Sodium Chloride, Ethanolamines, Phthalates, Talc, Microbeads, Aluminum Compounds, and Formaldehyde.

So grab your hot tools and Bombshell, and get ready to blow up your blowout game!

Dos and Don’ts for Maintaining Summer Blonde Hair

Do blondes have more fun? The question elicits a lot of opinions, but one thing is for certain, blondes certainly require a whole lot more TLC!

Not to worry, we have you covered. Just in time for summer, we asked Aloxxi Artist and blonding master, Josie Blanks LaField (@JBLHair) for her top Dos and Don’ts for keeping beautiful blonde hair healthy and strong so you can really show your color off.


1) When you’re first considering going blonde, DO ask your stylist questions regarding maintenance, upfront cost, and what to expect after your first appointment. They should be happy to walk you through the process and discuss what home care will be best for your hair. Having healthy blonde hair takes effort at home. A salon visit once every six weeks is not going to take the place of solid home hair care.

2) Blonde hair is sensitive to its environment. Things like sunlight, florescent light, heat styling, the wrong hair care products, and hard water/minerals all affect the hair. DO use a color safe shampoo like Clarifying Shampoo to safely remove buildup that can shift the color of your blonde in-between appointments. I like to use it before I use Aloxxi’s new Violet Shampoo. This shampoo is formulated with Glutathione and Violet Micropigments to counteract brassiness and enhance blonde, grey or white hair.

3) Ladies, DO turn down your hot tools! Styling tools that are too hot will increase porosity in your hair which can affect your color and also cause breakage over time, 325-375˚F is usually a good range for hot tools on blonde hair. I like using a small amount of serum on wet hair prior to blow-drying to increase frizz control, add hydration, and help protect the hair from heat.


1) DON’T forget to cover your hair in the sun! Throw on a cute hat if you are lounging poolside all day. Sunlight can dry the hair and cause your color to become brassy. I recommend applying the Essential 7 Oil Leave-In Conditioning Cream, or Reparative Treatment Masque on dry hair before going out into the sun or water. All Aloxxi products protect hair from damaging UVA/UVB rays. It’s like sunscreen for your hair!

2) Gold doesn’t always mean brassy! DON’T be afraid to experiment with natural golden blondes that are so on trend this summer! I love how much shine and brightness golden tones provide and it’s nice to see clients embracing their hair’s natural warmth! These tones can be maintained easily at home with InstaBoost in Copper Cabana. Just mix equal parts with the Reparative Conditioner and apply to wet hair for 5-15 minutes to revive your golden shade.

3) DON’T be too rough on your hair. For brunettes who are dying to be blonde, some blonde shades may not be the healthiest choice for your hair. I see tons of clients requesting super light shades on their naturally dark hair, and the truth is that not all hair types can be pushed to the lightest shades of blonde and remain healthy. Remember, the long-term health of your hair is the most important factor when deciding which shade works for you. There is a lighter option for darker brunettes, it just might not be as light as you hoped. But, some of the most gorgeous highlighted brunettes are rich caramel shades that haven’t been pushed to the limit.

What are some of your need to know Dos and Don’ts for blonde hair maintenance? Let us know in the comments below!