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BY: Aloxxi

5 Easy Summer Hairstyles with Tips to Make Them Look Stunning

Have some fun this Summer with 5 easy hairstyles (with an Aloxxi touch!) guaranteed to turn heads.

1. Beach Hair, Don’t Care

Quickly, brush hair from the day and spray dry shampoo at the base, disheveling it. Then spray a light mist of a Bombshell grip styler, and a super fine Bomshell Shine mist of shine spray. Use a tad of heat, either an iron or blow dryer for reshaping as needed. Finish with Working Hairspray or Bombshell Grip Styler for a soft touchable hold and go!

2. Bun Protection

If you are spending the day in the pool, protect your hair with a quick stylish bun! First, wet hair, towel dry and slather with E7 Leave in Conditioning Cream or Reparative Treatment Masque. Next pull hair in a low or high pony tail- secure with an elastic, then wrap ends to create a bun and secure with hair pins!

3. Pony Up

Create texture and separation in the crown with Lightweight Sculpting Wax. Then spray hair with Bombshell through mid-lengths and end before tying and leaving hair in a half loop modern pony.

4. Curl, Girl

To create voluminous curls use a 1/8” iron and work with small sections while spraying in a Bomsbshell Grip Styler for hold and heat protection. Let hair cool. Apply a small amount of E7 Serum in hands, and create separation and curl definition by finger combing Finish with a hairspray with grip, like our Bombshell Volumizing Grip Style or Working Hairspray if desired!

5. Bombshell Waves

For tousled waves, prep hair with a few sprays of a spray like our Bombshell Volumizing Grip Styler to create volume and grip. Then use a flat iron to create a loose curl pattern. After allowing the waves to cool, define waves texture by using hands or brush and finish with Working Hairspray or more Bombshell Grip Styler for soft touchable hold.